Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Nivenus, did you know a notable Egyptologist shared your post on FB?

I keep seeing your post on Egyptians and race on the top of the ODeck heap lately and in looking up why this might be I discovered that back in December of 2014, Dr. Kara Cooney, assistant professor of Egyptian Art and Architecture at UCLA, linked to your article on her Facebook page and spurred on quite a spirited discussion with her followers.

She’s kinda famous in her field. In fact, back in 2009, Discovery Channel aired a sprawling six-part series on human civilization called Out of Egypt featuring Dr. Cooney as the globe-trotting host. I haven’t seen the series at all but it looks fucking great. Here is episode one:

I am not sure exactly why your post is rising to the top at this particular time but I can only assume it is most likely being pushed by Facebook traffic somewhere. Anyway, I think io9 was gun-shy about mainpaging this post when you first submitted it but its nice to see it still make it way out there on the interwebs and end up on the screens of the right people.


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