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No CAH tonight from Jinxe

Hi everyone, Just back from the doctor. My ears are infected, which is my main illness, again. Which apparently is suggesting that part of my ear is wrong and thus may need to be tubed.

I am thrilled by this and also extremely sick to my stomach because he used the water pick on my ears, on my insistence that I need to be able to hear my teachers, to clean it out. Which has made the world start spinning (I had to be walked out to the car, because I was walking like I was drunk.) and it hasn’t yet stopped.


If someone wants to set up CAH, here are some of the decks I use:

/addcardcast QN5YD (Star Wars)
/addcardcast IMZWF (Star Trek)
/addcardcast EAHPY (Marvel)
/addcardcast WTGBN (Nerds)
/addcardcast DKH5U (monty python)
/addcardcast WSEB3 (5th element)

/addcardcast BCBXU (Hamlet’s Hogwarts)
/addcardcast VOZYW (Panders)
/addcardcast ZWDK9 (GT/OD deck)
/addcardcast DL7X5 (Hamlet’s scrubs)
/addcardcast 3NPAU (30 rock)
/addcardcast KJCM5 (plague)
/addcardcast WU6XW (Psych)
/addcardcast RF4QR (Hobbes)
/addcardcast 1ILKE (Pawnee)
/addcardcast 5D6ea (holidays)
/addcardcast PMYOU (Cthulhu and Friends)
/addcardcast J9RUJ (XKCD)
/addcardcast B7GN6 (Star wars)
/addcardcast T3WZT (Daria)

/addcardcast APUVE (Odette 1st)
/addcardcast 2nepa (Odette 2nd)
/addcardcast BHAXZ (Odette 3rd)
/addcardcast 3JJW3 (Odette Smut)

[8:37:25 PM] Added: Cardcast deck ‘The Spoopy Halloween Set’ (code: JPPVA), with 14 black cards and 30 white cards.
[8:38:44 PM] Added: Cardcast deck ‘CAH Disney’ (code: 8QUSZ), with 80 black cards and 140 white cards.

/addcardcast VJNYS (musicals)
/addcardcast HGGO0 (UK cards)
/addcardcast SAFOD (Aussie)

Also, there is a martian sunset, as my apologies for crapping out tonight. (Wednesday will be a LITTLE late, but I will be okay for it!)



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