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"No Man Shall Protect Us": a New Documentary on the Secret Society of Suffragette Bodyguards

No Man Shall Protect Us is a free, 50-minute documentary produced by Wolf Point Media, detailing the origins and exploits of the original Riot Grrrls.

During the height of the women’s suffrage movement in England, militant suffragettes were constantly being harassed and arrested. When they went on hunger strike in prison, the government created a new law, the “Cat and Mouse Act”, that allowed starving women to be released until they had recovered their health and strength, at which point they could be re-arrested and re-imprisoned.


Members of the radical suffragette Bodyguard team trained in martial arts, carried concealed clubs and employed cunning tactics of evasion and deception to protect fugitive suffragettes from the police.

Outlaw feminist activists in long skirts and big hats ... what more could you want from a Wednesday?

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