So is anyone else gearing up for No Man’s Sky? My preorder unlocks in about six hours, and I gotta admit, I’m starting to feel like Ed Grimley in The Fella Who Couldn’t Wait For Christmas. I was a little worried about the hype, but after watching a bunch of gameplay videos it looks exactly like what I was expecting — a little bit of Minecraft here, a bit more of Elite there, plus the fun parts of Spore. (Yes, Spore had fun parts — you just had to get through the first three-fourths of the game to get to them).

Before long, I expect I’ll be digging holes to escape from acid rain and naming animals after characters from The Simpsons, Futurama, and MST3K. I plan on rechristening the first planet I visit Odeckistan or Odeckopolis Major, so keep an eye open. It’s a big universe, but who knows?