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It has, sadly, been a year. I don’t even know what to write. I kinda kept hoping someone else would post something. I’ve seen fans sharing their stories about their first Terry Pratchett books, or what book they’re currently reading or the book that had the most impact, or even just a quote.

My first Terry Pratchett book wasn’t even a Terry Pratchett book. It was Good Omens, which I enjoyed immensely. I only ever picked up The Colour of Magic much later. And I’m not even reading anything right now - for the past few months it’s been hard to pick up a book again. I’ve finished I Shall Wear Midnight and I can’t quite bring myself to start Snuff, perhaps somewhat dreading the end of the Discworld books. Even though it’s very untoward (and un-prachetty).


How about you fellow ODeckers: what are you reading? What is your favourite book? Anyone going to the memorial at the Barbican in April?

The cutest fanart by super-furret.

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