I realize there was some convention recently that the io9 staff was busy covering but a lot happened in the last two episodes of Defiance. Major spoilers ahead.

Here are my thoughts for each episode.

"If You Could See Her Through My Eyes"


  • Rynn's back! Too bad about the eye though. On a side note I just found out the actress who plays Rynn also plays the most interesting character on Hemlock Grove as well.
  • Is it playing dress-up, crossdressing, or cultural appropriation? In any case, getting new eyes of questionable origin is going too far.
  • Doc Yewll wins best line of the episode. "There are two types of friends in this world. The kind that helps you hide a dead whore, and me."
  • My question about other doctors in town has been answered.
  • I can't wait for DJ Deidre to get tossed from the top of the Arch.

"Slouching Towards Bethlehem"

  • So Amanda is mayor again. I wasn't sure she had accepted the offer. She's sticking with this season's black wardrobe though.
  • Tommy doesn't wear the E-Rep uniform as well as Captain Rainer (Berlin) who gets the best line when Tommy asks if she and Nolan are dating. "God no. We're just having lots of sex."
  • Irisa is hanging out with her new buddies in the woods. I think we're about to find out what the purpose of the thing inside her is.


  • And yeah, Kenya's not quite dead yet. I'll be honest, I thought she was really dead at the end of the first season.


  • Stahma's got some 'splainin' to do. We know she's not squeamish about killing but maybe she just couldn't bring herself to finish off Kenya. Or maybe Kenya is a modified Indogene sent to infiltrate Defiance for the Votanis Collective. Like the astronaut from the first season she doesn't know what she is and believes she really is Kenya Rosewater. Which would explain why her kidnappers left her behind alive (unless it was just bad writing).
  • I think it's significant that we never see the face of Kenya's kidnapper. Any ideas who it might be?
  • Datak and Stahma have an interesting relationship, to say the least.

I know I glossed over a lot and feel free to add your thoughts.