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No Pressure, but Grant Morrison Comics are 75% Off on Comixology for One More Day.

A truly staggering amount of comics by living legend Grant Morrison are on sale. For 75% off. Until Monday at 11PM EST. Almost 50 TPBs from DC and Vertigo and 350+ single issues.

Invisibles. Doom Patrol. JLA. Batman. Flash. Superman. Action Comics. Swamp Thing. Want something off the beaten path? Try We3. Or The Filth. Or Flex Mentallo. Trades are $5 and issues are $1 on Comixology.com and £3 for TPBs and £0.70 per issue on Comixology.co.uk


Not everything, but plenty. The man is nuts. His comics are nuts. Read some of his nutty comics, they are fantastic.

Folks there is just too much of his work to cover and too little time left in the sale for me to give you a proper digest article. My favorite book is We3, so here’s some of that. What piques your interest? What would you buy if you didn’t have it already? Anybody excited about this?


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