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Non Genre Book Recommnedations Wanted.

Those who are regular contributors to Geesejugglers world renowned book club know that I read mostly pulp/junk food type books, for that I don't apologize, I read mostly for entertainment so I read what I like.

A few times a year I do like to read something with more substance though, just to keep my brain working at a decent level. I've tried the great book lists and many of those books are just dull to me, perhaps my palate has been spoiled by too many space operas and tough guy novels. Perhaps many of those books are written by dull people for dull people, who can say?

What I'm looking for is standard fiction written before WWII, no Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Detective/Cop/Tough Guy novels. I'm pretty familiar with most of those genres and have read or tried many of the classics in them, Today I'm looking for something new that I haven't tried before.


Why Pre WWII you ask? I find that the novels written before WWII have a different tone than those written after. I'm not sure why, perhaps it's radio or television or more widespread travel that caused this change perhaps the preferred style of writing just changed but many of my all time favorites were written before WWII or slightly after.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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