I hate April. There was a rumor circulating around the various Doctor Who forums that we should expect an announcement from either the BBC or TIEA (the company responsible for recovering prints of Enemy of the World and Web of Fear) later this month regarding the discovery of additional missing episodes, possibly the entirely of the Hartnell stories Marco Polo and The Smugglers, but that they were deliberately holding off on any official statements until after the first, so as to avoid any chance of the news being misconstrued as an April Fools prank.

Well, we sort of got some news today, when Philip Morris and TIEA released a statement on their facebook page, essentially saying "we have nothing to announce, and please quit asking us about Doctor Who" which of course, isn't a flat-out denial that new material has been recovered, but certainly isn't the positive we were all hoping for. Of course, Ian Levine still insists that there's more out there, but at this point, there's very little for the fans to do but sit back and wait patiently (or impatiently) for the unexpected to happen... or not.