So let me share with you some interesting related links. SPOILERS.

Amazing fanart by nell-fallcard @ deviantart.

So, apparently science says you can't crush a man's head with your bare hands, under any circumstances. Apparently lots of places are talking about it.

Did you know Pedro Pascal is awesome?


Not only hilarious, but just as charming in RL as on screen. Here's an awesome interview with him:

HBO: Would you say that Oberyn is a feminist?

Pedro Pascal: Absolutely. Without choosing to be. It's just intrinsic and logical to him. Ellaria Sand is the love of his life because she is his equal, if not his superior, in certain ways. That's part of what makes him such a fierce man because he knows who to take his lead from.

HBO: How do you hope that fans remember Oberyn?

Pedro Pascal: As a lover and a fighter. As a fun character who ushered in something new to King's Landing and stirred some sh*t up: Big in, big out.

HBO: Fans are bound to be brokenhearted.

Pedro Pascal: As am I. As I have been all along.