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“Nice Town You Picked, Norma” shows yet another reason why Norma Bates will never win a Mother of the Year award. The episode also introduced a lot of elements to the story, like Norma’s other son, Dylan. Spoilers ahead.

Dylan is Norma’s son from her first marriage, making him Norman’s half brother. He’s a piece of work himself, being in many ways the opposite of Norman. Like a twisted grown up version of Bart Simpson he calls his mother by her first name (when he’s not referring to her as The Whore).


A confrontation with Dylan shows us Norman’s first onscreen display of real anger. Seriously, look at Norman's eyes in that picture. Being on the bad side of both Norma and Norman (as well as his other questionable activities) makes me wonder how long he’ll last.

Norman must have the kavorka (or maybe the horizontal stripes are a big turn on). The popular girl still likes him, even though he got plant-blocked at the hospital. Meanwhile, he gets a kiss from Emma, who still likes him even after meeting Norma (more on that in a bit).


Emma gets her Nancy Drew on and drags Norman into a mystery surrounding the book he found. I’m curious to see where that plot line goes.

And now we come to Norma. I’ll just use the Norma Bates Motherhood Scale to rate her actions from 1 to 10.

  • Asking some questions to the strange girl who just dropped by to see your teenaged son: 1 It’s a reasonable thing for most people to do.
  • Asking that girl her life expectancy after she mentions her serious medical condition: 5 It’s in poor taste but I can see asking.
  • Changing your blouse in front of your teenaged son: 11! WTF is wrong with you, Norma? Norman is already damaged goods in a lot of ways but at least he knew to be uncomfortable with what you did.

I can't wait to see what happens next week in White Pine Bay, home of artisanal cheese, marijuana farms, and flaming bodies.

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