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One of the things I like to do for fun is make movie posters, which would be a fine career choice except the posters I make are for movies that aren’t being made.

This morning, after reading about there being another Star Wars movie planned for 2020 but nobody knows yet what it will be about, I decided to make a poster for one of my wishful thinking ideas. It’s one that I know would never get made, because audiences would rebel against it, but if I had the chance I’d make it. I even have a vague plotline figured out.


Another set of posters are a trilogy of movies, an action adventure series about an EMT (played by Jennifer Lawrence), a firefighter (Chris Pine), and a police officer (Don Cheadle) who meet up during a rescue mission, become friends, and together must defeat Ming-Na Wen’s nefarious plans.

I actually started making these posters a year ago then forgot about them before finishing, so I quickly put together the third poster today. I think they’re good ideas, I wonder if a movie like this has been made before. I guess it might work as a TV series too.

It’s a fun hobby.

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