Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Guess what I noticed when I posted my Caturday.


Some hyperlinks that magically made their way into my post, without my knowledge, consent or control. I can't make them go away. They don't appear when I open the post for editing, and they appear orange instead of blue, which is the color they would be if I'd added the links myself.

Can any of you ODeckers see these when you open up my post? Have any of you encountered this before in your own posts?

Seriously not cool, Kinja.

I make my peace with the fact that you can take anything I write and share it to one or all of the Gawker sites, which doesn't really benefit me but gets you page clicks if the post happens to be interesting enough.


But you had better fix whatever "bug" is putting shit into posts that I don't want to be there. Fix it now.

ETA: And those links are in this post, too.

UPDATED: Chrome had some adware that somehow got in there. But given all the trouble that Kinja gave us last week, I don't feel bad about my initial assumption.

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