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Not for nothing

After reading Bluebeards post yesterday about Superman v Batman rumor yesterday i realized something:

Ever since i was a kid i have always associated the "Challenge of the Super Friends" Lex Luthor with Micheal Ironside, to the point its his voice i hear in my head instead of the real voice actor (Stan Jones) and it really makes me wish that he had gotten the chance to play Luthor in the Superman movies (though i have to admit i enjoyed Gene Hackman's campiness)


So that made me start thinking. who could play Lex in a new Superman movie (i really think they missed the mark by not adding Luthor in MOS. they could have made a three movie arc that ended in something similar to the "Justice" comic and led into a Justice League film)

I saw this and i almost bust a gut:

Not as bad as him playing Superman. Also how could we live with out the Cage hair-do?

My suggestion would be Brian Cranston


So who would you guys like to see as the bald head Billionaire?

Also as a bonus:

When they go to remake the Fantastic Four movies, this is who i want to play the Almighty Doom


any thoughts on this?

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