Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I am in beautiful Boulder, Colorado until Friday night staying with a friend. (This is the view from her front door.) Lack of good signal at SDCC and exhaustion impeded my updates and now I'm just relaxing. Haven't even gotten photos off the camera or phone!

Anyway, it is lovely here. Having a great time with a Supernatural fandom friend whom I had not seen for a couple years. Already starting to think about next year's SDCC!

Finally saw World War Z yesterday. Excellent zombie movie. I wish they'd just kept it as it's own separate work and not part of WWZ. Though, it did feel a bit like a prequel or like it was 2 hours of just one of the stories from the book.


At some point this weekend I'll have pics, my thoughts on The Vikings, the Sleepy Hollow pilot, Grant Morrison, Supernatural and Doctor Who!

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