The reviews are definitely the best part.

Here's a representative 5-Star review:

Despite what some other critics have said, this series is NOT a Hollywood Remake. This is the original crackling fireplace we all remember from our living rooms, filmed on location in Washington State. Episode 1 serves an outstanding introduction to the series, showcasing both a crackling fire, and a marvelous fireplace inside someone's home. To the viewer's delight, the fire spreads (Spoiler) to the other two logs in the fireplace! And boy when that happens, the fire really gets going. Things start to smolder a little towards the end of the first episode, but ep 2 lights a whole nother fire. There are some similarities in plot, setting and characters used, but ep 2 has a symphonic yuletide score underlying the entire episode, as well as some stark differences in the burn patterns that appear on the logs.With the strong reviews ths show has been getting, I'm confident Miramax will develop this beloved series into a full length feature (bonfire?), or maybe an NBC reboot with a more modern take on the series (gas fireplace anyone?). Overall a fantastic series that is a pleasure to watch again and again. 5 stars! Yule Luv It!

Like the headline says, this isn't my sort of thing so I don't plan to watch. Besides, I'm not enough of a cinephile to grasp the deeper meanings the writer and director were undoubtedly expressing.