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Not My Fandom

Today at work we were discussing movies we wanted to see. My new coworker is a bit of a nerd and likes K Dramas so I felt safe asking her if she wanted to see The Fault in Our Stars. She said no because the author is qoute a "Douch bag" who uses his blog "to congratulate himself". And he got famous on the internet. She called the book a cookie cutter romance with cancer thrown in. She also said he cant write teenagers cus no teenager talks the way John Green writes them. I felt my geek rage start to swell. Like alot. I follow John Greens Blog and his Vlogs with his brother and I have never heard him described like that. I get you dont like the book or you may not be into the nerdfighteria nerd thingy but to call him a douchebag and say that he cant write is personal. The whole thing came to a rousing end when she said that YA does nothing but downgrade women (Cus Katniss Everdeen and Derwyn Sharp are so downtrodden). And with that slate article still in my head I wanted blood. Is just like Twilight she said and I was started on my anti Twilight rant but I shut up cus I never read Twilight and yeah I may or may not have said some personal stuff about Stephanie Meyer. Hypocrite thy name be Mudder.

You can not like stuff but after a while of ranting against one thing hating things doeant make you look cutltured it makes you look like a tool. Which I have learned over the years. Geeks have spent most of our lives explaining why we love the things we love sometimes we or maybe I tend to attack those who dont understand it and then for extra geek power I attack what the haters love and it makes me look like a giant git. I have to stop myself sometimes when it is something paticuarly loathsome in my eyes usually by saying I am not allowed to talk about it (New Trek and JJ Abrams) but recently I have learned a new phrase that I would like to pass on : Not my Fandom.

That means if you love it good for you but please no. I learned it from a korean pop star who didnt like anything and is famous for saying its not my style (which works too). I find it ironic cus his band is mostly not my style.


I hope you use it and be respected for you choice and hear this and respect theirs. I think I will put it on a tee shirt.

P.S If you like New Trek or Dislike John Green please dont come at me. You will NOT change my mind.

P.Ps she then told me she didnt like Grumpy Cat and I realized oh you hate everything main stream. I got you. Told her so too.

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