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Not so Sleepy Hollow {Spoiling, Spoil, Spoilers]

So how good was this show? I caught it by accident doing some late night treadmilling at the gym ... and only saw the last half. I forgot my achy calves, but I'll remember to try to catch this show next week.

The counter argument maybe that I missed the first half, which is obviously the origin stories for both Ichobod and HH, plus how these wacky kids (Ichy and Abbie) get together. Newsflash, I'm sick of origin stories. If people have tuned into your show, odds are they know what the premise is any way, skip it.


Or sprinkle it in later as a alternate story line. I hear there's a show that doing all right by that. It's called Arrow.

So I come in just in time for Ichy to have his dream time Skype call with his witchy girlfriend, and she pretty much recaps the premise of the show and offers our hero both an immediate conflict, him vs HH, and a "let's milk this for as many seasons as we can" conflict, releasing her from the Dream Skype.

Abby crossed the Suspension Bridge of Disbelief and teams up with our timecrossed, starcrossed lover hero and they go headhunting.

But no my friends, we can't have the game afoot in such a straight forward manner, can we?


Turns out that John Cho, in a bit of geek stunt casting, plays a deputy that's actually working for the enemy is a strange, yet helpful, nihilistic way. Sort of a cynical man on a mission to contain the number of acceptable causalities at the Apocalypse. Well, Cho has other Hollywood commitments, so don't expect him to be a regular. ... Just saying.

In the end, the biggest shocker is not the strange figures that break mirrors from the other side or the threat of the four riders, Supernatural vibe style, but that the good guys actually get the head in episode 1. What are these writer's playing at? It's like they have a plan that goes beyond "Dragging this out for 22 episodes."


So a small side note on why this show was on my radar, but I caught it by accident at the gym.

I don't own a TV. I pretty much watch streaming shows the day, week or months after the air date, usually after the online articles have clued me in.


So yeah, Internet Reviews have become my 21st Century Greek Chorus.

I also got to see the teaser for the rest of the season and it seems that Sleepy Hollow is going to be much more Monster-rifc than Supernatural, in that evil is going to be wearing a lot more latex (appliances) and leather.

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