Never say anything nice about the USA on an overwhelmingly liberal, progressive website even on the 4th of July. I am as far from a flag-waving, right-wing jingoist as you can get and if you are familiar with me I am highly critical of so many things about my country's foreign and domestic policies; no one could ever accuse me of being an American apologist. I am extremely uncomfortable with the blatant tribalism of patriotic allegiance to any nation and through most of my middle school and high school years would refuse vehemently to say the Pledge.

Yet, I dared to suggest that I was far more appreciative to live under a relatively stable democracy where there were effective conduits for sociopolitical stresses to be channeled into meaningful change as opposed to having a government like the one in Egypt that has been torn down twice in two years, where the only hope of political reform is to have tanks rolling into the capitol city.

There is an extreme leftism that I don't see very often, but when I do it is really discouraging. It may seem wonderfully romantic and idealistic that you are going to throw on your beret and fatigues and charge into the revolution like a roguishly handsome Che Guevara and solve all the country's problems by throwing all the Rick Perrys and Tea Partiers out of government, but you'd be blind to the fact that you are just like them: you refuse to compromise and the end justifies the means; you think that your righteousness justifies your actions however extreme they may be.

We are going to be fighting for a more perfect union forever but hopefully it will be a long time before we have to have the military seize the White House and throw the president in jail.