Yes, dear Odeckers, it is true. I am not as sleek or as traditionally beautiful as the Ocelot. I am fluffy to the point that some would call me fat. My face makes amusing gestures. Is that not what you love about me?

Note: I am so beloved that I don’t have to make videos about my self. People do it for me.

I admit, I am hurt by this attack by someone who I had counted among my friends. But I understand, beauty is very important in this day and age. Still, I am forced to ask....

I am a pallas cat. Hath a pallas cat not fur, teeth and adorable ears? Do we not warm you when you gaze upon our adorable pictures?


If you pet us, do we not purr? If you insult us, do we not get sad?


Yes, our face be what some would consider dorky. But do you not know that our faces express the world around us?

Pallas Kittens are as cute and as charming as an Ocelot. Yet, this is not why you fell in love with us. It was our amusing looks and faces, which captured your heart.


Look upon us, the Pallas cat. If you can truly not remember why you fell in love, the adorable looks, the WTF faces, then cast your vote to Ocelot. We will....


Try to understand.

P.S. Come on, am I not adorkable in this video?