Sherlock fans will find something extra in their stockings this year - 7 minutes of extra Sherlocky goodness in the form of a new minisode that arrives this week!

The new short, entitled Many Happy Returns, will début on the iPlayer from 2.00pm on Christmas Eve (and, if it's anything like Night of The Doctor, another 'iPlayer exclusive', it'll probably be on the BBC's youtube channel too, for international viewers), before transitioning over to the BBC's red button service - where it'll run in evening slots from Christmas Day all the way up to January 2nd.

Here's the official synopsis:

A series of seemingly unconnected crimes stretching from Tibet to India to Germany. Sherlock Holmes has been gone for two years. But someone isn't quite convinced that he's dead.

And here's an excuse to post Sherlock-themed Christmas gifs:


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