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Nothing Stops She-Hulk

The incredible She-Hulk run from Soule and Pulido draws to a close.

What compelling super-hero is their power and nothing more? The Avengers- even the backup Avengers- are living gods. So, increasingly silly villains are needed to challenge them. The same conflict as before, just with tougher foes. What makes Jen Walters super is that she stops at nothing for justice, not whom she can and cannot hurt. This superpower is compassion, the strength of Walters' combined intelligence and empathy. She-Hulk is kind of a role model.


Why is this a series to own? It is gloriously devoid of outside influence. It needs no context (or at least no exposition) to be enjoyed. Daredevil's in San Francisco, I thought he was a New York guy? Shulkie said it herself in the first volume: change is the only constant in a superhero's life. Do I need specifics on what Shadowland was to know it was bad? Not really.

She-Hulk stands alone. Not just a story arc, a story with an end, contained.

And that story is dynamite. A single issue can cover a tale start to finish. But each issue was placed with care in a certain order to tell the larger story in a compelling way. The writing skirts up to the intrigue and steps back. This dance, the balance of the writing is perfect. The writing is sneaky stuff that messes with the very fabric of the universe. Every detail down to Multiple Man is handled perfectly. Even the page layouts are beautiful.


The action is infrequent as it is dynamic. The art has been a point of contention amongst True Believers. A "wall eyed" turnoff, too indie compared to the other Marvel books, but to my eyes it harkens back to the lost era of classic Marvel illustration where flat made the costumes work.


The strongest draw is how human the book is. She-Hulk lies awake at night hoping she doesn't screw up in court the next day. Everyone in the book strives to do more and be more.


It isn't normal. But what it is shows another side of what Marvel is capable of.

She-Hulk: Disorderly Conduct
Written by Charles Soule
Illustrated by Javier Pulido
TPB collects She-Hulk #7-12

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