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Nothing To See Here - Friday Open Thread

Welcome back to the Friday Open Thread, where we may get our last laughs before the new Commander-in-Chief’s nukes us all with his stubby baby fingers.

This week Democratic voters clearly forgot the date of the Presidential Election as 5 million of them forgot to turn out and vote for their candidate, meaning that Donald Trump is to be the new President despite doing worse at the Ballot box than both Romney and Dubya (during his re-election). While this may doom us all it is funny how so many 80s action films correctly predicted that the mid 2010s would end up becoming incredibly shit.


Over here in the country of Schrodinger’s Brexit I’m going to be carrying on as normal with my weekend plans by catching up on work and playing some games that all seem to feature evil sinister overlords, all of whom are less shit than the new guy.

So what are you lot planning to do? Finish that fallout shelter you thought you wouldn’t need or just carrying on as normal? As usual put that and anything you like down below.

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