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NOVA SEED is... What is This?

Well, it’s a hand drawn animated movie. And it’s got man-monsters and regular monsters and space ships and post-apocalypse hicks and I don’t even know what. It looks great.

Details on the plot are scarce for this 2D labor of love, but the stills show Mœbius-esque vehicles crossing the desert you see in the trailer, the lion guy (the protagonist?), a skull dude, a girl in a bubble, possibly Richard Edson, mutants, essentially a whole bunch of Rock & Rule looking stuff that makes no sense but hangs together well. NOVA SEED aims to be the springboard for more hand drawn feature-length animated films, so somebody hook this studio up with Heavy Metal, please.


Here’s a short from 2010 by the same guy- Nick DiLiberto.

...so the fella knows his way around an action sequence, that’s promising. NOVA SEED is finished but looking for distribution, you can get a tiny bit of information and a lot of imagery from the Gorgon Pictures website.

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