Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Nick DiLiberto’s film drops a second trailer before it tours North American film festivals. Last year, less than a minute of footage had us enthralled. Here’s about triple that.

The new trailer has some great Carpenter synth vibes to go with the hand-rendered retro quality of the animation. Nick is actually the sole animator of this feature, and there is a great interview with him over on The Creators Project about the gargantuan task he put upon himself, all the extra crap he didn’t need to do and did anyway, the price he paid for being such a workhorse.

There is a lot of cool jammed into those few minutes of footage, but the paw print in the sand might be- for me- the coolest. Arthouse Rankin-Bass.


The film is touring incredibly select dates in November in the US and Canada. 6 Nov in Vancouver. 11 Nov in Ithaca, NY. 19 Nov in Atlanta, GA. 24 Nov in Calgary. You can grab more details, updates and such from the NOVA SEED Facebook page or the House of Cool one.

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