There are fans like those of us here, the rational, non-dickish, and sane (well....for the most part) superhero fans, and then there are still many more "fans" out there who are the exact opposite. This is my encounter with one of them yesterday.

Every Wednesday I make a run up to the comic book store and grab my pulls for the week. I don't really get a lot of comics anymore, this week it was Spider-Man, Deadpool Annual, and Ms. Marvel #3 that the store had finally managed to get more copies of in.

As the guy at the counter is ringing them up, this ..... walking stereotype comes up behind me and starts ranting at me when he sees me buying Ms. Marvel, asking me why I'm buying "That terrorist feminazi propaganda piece of shit" (his actual, real words I cannot make this stuff up). And when I say walking stereotype, I mean it. It was like if Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons came to life, and then gained about 100lbs and had acne scars all over his face.

He then proceeds to go on a tirade on how "whores" and "foreigners" are ruining comics and trying to take them away from "true fans" who liked them and were "discriminated against" before they became popular.

And in that moment I finally realized how it was that people like Frank Miller and Rob Leifeld can still get work. Because people like this will still buy their trite.


I just have to wonder what causes someone to become like this. I would usually fit the exact profile of someone who acts like this. I have very few friends, am overweight, was bullied during school (by actual girls, no less), have never had a girlfriend, and yet I would be horrified at myself for saying or even thinking these things that this guy was belching out at the top of his lungs

And in what universe does having other points of views lessen comics? Ms. Marvel is a great, well written comic. A little slow, but it's a new character and that's to be expected. If it wasn't good I wouldn't be reading it. And it's not like comics like Batman and Captain America aren't still being written (although the quality isn't what it used to be).


The industry is all the poorer for these kind of peoples continued involvement and I weep at the fact that this waste of skin that I met yesterday is still the go to mental image whenever someone thinks of "comic fan".