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Now it's the turn of Guardians of the Galaxy Lego to get promo pictures

Whilst it was Amazon.com who gave us a better look at the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy action figures, this time Amazon.co.uk is giving us a look at the three upcoming Lego sets based on the intergalactic Marvel movie. Nova Corps! Lego Karen Gillan! A Raccoon in a Spaceship! LEGO GROOT!

Up top is The Milano Spaceship Rescue, revealed at Toy Fair earlier this year. The set features Star Lord, Drax, Gamora, a Sakaaran soldier and Ronan the Accuser, as well as a fancy little 'necrocraft' for Ronan, and The Milano itself. It'll retail for £69.99/$74.99.


Next are two sets we hadn't seen much of, although they were both at Toy Fair too: The Knowhere Escape Mission and Starblaster Showdown.

Knowhere Escape Mission features 3 minifigures - A Sakaaran, Rocket Raccoon (SO ADORABLE) and Bald Blue Karen Gillan Nebula, as well as a supersized figure built out of bricks for Groot. Looks like Knowhere - which presumably Rocket and Groot are the ones escaping from - is some sort of mining facility, as Amazon describes Rocket's ship as a 'mining pod', as well as the structure being a 'Mining station features a tower with trap door and an exploding function, firing bazooka' (I'm going to say it: Somewhere that comes with an exploding function does not sound like a good thing). This one retails for £44.99/$39.99.


Finally we have the smaller set Starblaster Showdown. £19.99/$19.99 will get you a Nova Corps Officer, Star Lord and a Sakaaran, as well as another small Necrocraft and the Nova Corps' own Starblaster ship, which comes with 'adjustable wings for pursuit or arrest mode'. What's interesting about the blurb for this set is that it features the line:

  • Also includes the invaluable orb!

Which seems to be a very odd thing to include in your list of features. But if you look closely, this 'invaluable orb' is included in all 3 sets. Star Lord is holding it in Starblaster Showdown, Rocket's Mining Pod is clutching it in Knowhere Escape Mission, and Ronan has it in The Milano Spaceship Rescue. Just what is this little silver doodad? Is it the orb Peter Quill's shown stealing at the start of the movie trailer? Whatever it is, it looks like it'll be important to the plot of the film.


[Images Sourced from Amazon.co.uk, via Brickset]

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