*spoilers ahead, behind and around the corner*

I'm not gonna spoiler anything in my review but I figured I better go ahead and spoiler lock all of my reviews posts since some comments can quite revealing, even unintentionally.

Two conclusions straight up.

1. I enjoyed watching this movie immensely. It was just as much fun as I was hoping for and will watch again and again and again...


2. The ending twist, for all intents and purposes, was beyond lame and makes me want to shoot someone.

okay, okay, i'm gonna need to see it again, just to see if there are any giveaways that i missed but jesus, mary and joseph, its simply not possible to that person to be behind everything.


Seriously, i'm gonna make a fan edit of this movie, and it basically revolves around losing the last ten minutes of this thing.

Everything else was super-fantastic. It was Ocean's 11 with magic and everything I hoped for when i first saw the trailer...


These guys had some serious moves and every one of them nailed. At least to me.

The cops were a bunch of tropes but if you think of them as more playing the 'straight man' to the magicians 'funny guys' then its fairly acceptable, i suppose...


Despite that, it was a flashy, fun, fantastic couple of hours.

Except the concluding 10+ minutes.

Fuck that noise.