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NPR's Science Doodles Are Bad, Good

I'm enjoying what Robert Krulwich has been doing on his NPR blog. Instead of using stock photography, he illustrates a number of his own stories, with big, sloppy marker-and-crayon drawings breaking up the text every paragraph or two.

They aren't good drawings (look at those freaky horse-lips), but they're fun. They have a weird sort of charming innocence . . . disarming the reader and pulling them into a fun science story that's maybe a little weird, too. I enjoy them. I enjoy reading the stories more because of them.


(The latest example is his story of birds learning their own "family names" as a defense against nest-robbers.)

Image TOTALLY belongs to Robert Krulwich/NPR. Used with absolutely no permission as an well-meaning example of what he's doing over there.

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