My Interagency Pass expired last month, so rather than buy my next one right away I took advantage of the waived entrance fee today to visit Zion National Park. In the rain. Lots and lots of rain. Some of you who live in particularly rainy climate might wonder why I'm focusing on the rain, but you should know that Zion National Park typically only receives 15 inches of rainfall every year. It's pretty unusual. Which makes the pictures I was able to get kind of unusual, as well.

I had intended to chase the rain around for a while, wait it out patiently and then take some beautiful post-rain shots as the sun started to peek through the clouds. The weather said, "Fuck your patience!" and continued on impressively. Indeed, it started to rain even harder.

As you can see, the Virgin River is currently full of sediment, turning it a bright red-brown instead of its regular blue-green color. Due to the rain, all of the slot canyons and the famous Narrows were closed yesterday and today because of the possibility of flash-flooding.


It's hard to tell in this picture, but there were a lot of temporary waterfalls. They're usually only seen during the snow-melt, and even then I haven't seen quite as many.