I pulled some from the front page that didn't make the COTD in addition to the ones from the O-Deck (since there were only ~6 or 7 people who made submissions) I also included my two favorite submissions. Other than the ones that made it in to the COTD which were your favorite?

HM) President Reagan pushed the red button.

HM) Spartan 117 now listed MIA


10) Oops, I am my own grandpa โ€“ Eddie Stumpf

9) History teacher wanted; time traveler preferred. โ€“ Madkap

8) Dinosaurs didn't die out. They left. โ€“ angusm

7) Darmok and Jalad, on the ocean โ€“ Bwelty

6) History can't repeat this. Can it? โ€“ derf_vader

5) God help us. They've escaped. - Xeriel

4) Breaching charge. Lost pressure. No survivors. - GalllumAntimonlde

3) She was deadly. I was quicker. - Pitchblende

2) We only thought Mars was closest. - Phaelin

1) What happened to the lights? Guys? - nctrns