I posed a question yesterday about the shows that you missed the most because they were cancelled well before their time was up. Today I present you with the Answers of the Day decided by a panel of 1 based on yesterdays answers.

10) In perhaps the most twisted way we have a show that had season 1 cancelled and was replaced by season 2. Perhaps you all know more about this than I do but BlueBeard has suggested Human Target.

9) The Dresden Files this one could be a bit contraversial because it seems fans of the books probably hate the show, and don't tell anyone but mythbri didn't like the books but liked the show.

8) Pushing Daisies suggested by Zuidim. I have nothing witty to say here.

7) Alphas suggested by me. Dr. Sheldon Cooper would agree with me on this one.

6) Young Justice suggested by umataro42 - Since you can't make new Justice League shows do like Warner Brothers and make them superhero children. Kids relate better to kids right?


5) Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Suggested by Guttsu. Terminator 2 was the first R-rated movie I ever saw. It gave me nightmares. I don't like the Terminator series because it gave me nightmares so I have no idea how good this show really was. You all seem to miss it though since it was nominated more than once.

4) Better off Ted - What? Nobody said it HAD to be a sci-fi show. Suggested by umataro42


3) Stargate SG-U - Cliffhanger series endings are a horrible horrible thing. See #7. Suggested by sephycloneno15

2) Star Trek: Enterprise - As much as many people hate the show it got better. By season 3 it was a pretty solid show. When they cancelled it many of you were disappointed. Suggested by FrankN.Stein


1) Firefly - Suggested by nobody. Obvious answer is obvious. (don't tell anyone I've never seen it)

Incidentally nobody seems to be upset that the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series has been cancelled and is going to end with unresolved plot lines.