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O-Deck GTA Online Crew

Hello everybody, you may have noticed that I was absent for a bit. This is because I have been spending all my free time on GTA V (which I understand is quite common among GTA V players).

But before I get in to how awesome GTA V is, I'd like to say I took the liberty of setting up an O-Deck crew for GTA Online. Because who doesn't want to shoot cops and rob banks with fellow O-Deckers (don't forget to check out TAY's crew as well).


Here's the O-Deck crew I set up. I hope you don't get mad at me for doing this without asking you guys first, but if you have any tips or advice or comments or anything please let me know.

Edit: It's awesome to see you guys joining the O-Deck crew, I'll make sure I repost this a few times (I'll make a link to it at the end of the Open Forum (which may or may not come back)).

I don't know how the whole hierarchy thing and stuff like that work, but I'll try and figure out a good way to do things soon.

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