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O-Deck January Madness: Elite Eight!

Things are heating up, people! Lots of drama in the last round, with the much campaigned-for Tiger losing to the Jaguar. Apparently stripes are not “in” this season, sorry Drillpress. The Pallas Cat remains in it to win it, defeating the admittedly adorable Sand Cat. The Arctic Fox remains a juggernaut, steamrolling over all of its past competitors, most recently the Pale Fox. Apparently “Snow” is the O-Deck’s favorite flavor of Leopard. And this week, it’s Wolf vs. Wolf, as the Grays compete with the Reds!

Remaining Schedule:

Final Four: Tuesday, January 26

Championship: Thursday, January 28

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Mostly Biggish Cats

Jaguar vs. Snow Leopard

Biggish Dogs

Gray Wolf vs. Red Wolf


Smallish Cats

Ocelot vs. Pallas Cat



Arctic Fox vs. Fennec Fox


Shit is getting real, people. Next time we have our first feline vs. canine matches!

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