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O-Deck January Madness: Mythbri Can't Do Brackets

Apparently terms like “Sweet Sixteen” and “Elite Eight” refer to the number of “teams” in a round, and not the number of match-ups. I learned something new last week! So, today is the Real For Sure This Time Sweet Sixteen of The O-Deck January Animal Madness. Just roll with it.

Revised Schedule:

Elite 8: Thursday, January 21

Final Four: Tuesday, January 26

Championship: Thursday, January 28

I’m pretty sure that’s right.

To recap the last round: the King of the Jungle was de-throned when the Clouded Leopard achieved a narrow victory in the polls, and unfortunately the Cheetah wasn’t fast enough to beat the Snow Leopard to the finish line. We said goodbye to the Red Fox, but let’s be real - it was up against the Arctic Fox, which is one of the fluffiest, cutest foxes out there. The Coyote wasn’t quite wily enough to beat the Raccoon Dog, which has shown surprising tenacity in this Madness! And the European Wildcat beat out my home team, the Bobcat, for another win.


[Click to embiggen]

Mostly Biggish Cats

Tiger vs. Jaguar


Snow Leopard vs. Clouded Leopard


Biggish Dogs

Gray Wolf vs. Raccoon Dog


Red Wolf vs. Maned Wolf


Smallish Cats

Ocelot vs. European Wildcat


Pallas Cat vs. Sand Cat



Pale Fox vs. Arctic Fox


Fennec Fox vs. Bat-eared Fox


See you at the next round!

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