Wow, Round 2 of our January Madness was brutal! The Arctic Fox nearly swept the Kit Fox, but the Kit Fox managed to eke out 3 votes anyway. I’m sad to see the Jaguarundi go so soon, but in fairness it was up against the Ocelot. Jinxe will be happy to know that the Pallas Cat handily beat the Caracal, though it’s a wrench to say goodbye to those ear tufts. And the Red Fox has WA-PA-PA-PA-PA-PA-POW-ed its way into Sweet Sixteen!

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After this round there are only three posts to go before we discover which animal is objectively the best!

Elite 8: Tuesday, January 19

Final Four: Thursday, January 21

Championship: Tuesday, January 26

Even though each of these contenders has already survived a vote, I am still linking to the information posts about them so that you can refresh your memory if necessary. You can vote based on whatever you like best about each animal!


Mostly Biggish Cats

Tiger vs. Iberian Lynx


Jaguar vs. Leopard

Snow Leopard vs. Cheetah


Lion vs. Clouded Leopard

Biggish Dogs

Gray Wolf vs. Dingo


Raccoon Dog vs. Coyote

Red Wolf vs. Black-backed Jackal


Maned Wolf vs. Dhole

Smallish Cats

Ocelot vs. Fishing Cat


European Wildcat vs. Bobcat

Pallas Cat vs. Margay


Sand Cat vs. Leopard Cat


Pale Fox vs. Gray Fox


Arctic Fox vs. Red Fox

Tibetan Fox vs. Fennec Fox


Bat-eared Fox vs. Island Fox

See you at the Elite Eight!