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Deciding which is the coolest fictional spaceship of all time is our mission this month. We started out with 64 candidates, and we’ve managed to knock that number down to 8. Which ship will survive to make it to the Final Four? Let’s find out.

Last round was all about the top seeds. There was only a single upset with Serenity overcoming Discovery 1. There was nearly a second upset, but Battlestar Galactica managed to hold off the Star Destroyer to stay in the game. Everywhere else in the bracket it was all domination.

Click to embiggen. It’s quite large and lovely.

This round we feature Star Trek vs Star Wars in Region 1. Region 2 has a blue box up against a fictional ship based on a fictional ship. Over in Region 3 we have a hunk of junk up against a battered hulk. And rounding things out in Region 4 we have a nimble fighter weaving around a lonely salvager.

Region 1

USS Enterprise (Star Trek) vs X-Wing (Star Wars)


Region 2

TARDIS (Doctor Who) vs NSEA Protector (Galaxy Quest)


Region 3

Millennium Falcon (Star Wars) vs Battlestar Galactica (Battlestar Galactica)


Region 4

Serenity (Firefly) vs Colonial Viper (Battlestar Galactica)



Elite 8: Today

Final 4: Friday, March 25

Championship: Monday, March 28

We’re nearing the end. I hope everyone is enjoying themselves. Happy voting.

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