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We near the end of our March to Madness with only four spaceships left to duke it out in our Coolest Spaceships bracket. But now it’s time to decide which two of the remaining ships will make it to the Championship. Let’s vote.

There were some extremely difficult choices last round. And yet, the top seeds easily won in each region. So we bid adieu to the X-Wing, the Protector, and both Battlestar contestants. And now we face two impossible choices: The Enterprise vs the TARDIS and the Millennium Falcon vs Serenity.

Click to embiggen. It’s a large and lovely image.

USS Enterprise - D (Star Trek) vs TARDIS (Doctor Who)

Millennium Falcon (Star Wars) vs Serenity (Firefly)



Final 4: Today

Championship: Monday, March 28

Just one more round after today. We’re nearly there. Who will it be?

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