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O-Deck May Madness: Cartoon Theme Songs Championship Round

We have now arrived at the final round of our May Madness adventure. What started out as a competition between 64 contenders has come down to a battle between the 1980's DuckTales and the 1990's Animaniacs. Only one can be champion. Which will it be?

After all of the excitement of the previous rounds, the Final Four was a bit anti-climatic as neither match-up was a close fight. Both DuckTales and Animaniacs defeated their competitors by double the amount of votes. So we bid farewell to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Batman: The Animated Series.

Click the embiggen this sexy image. You know you want to.

Fairly simple directions this time. DuckTales or Animaniacs. Which has the better theme song? Make your choice below.

Championship Round


And that’s it! We’re done for this month. Not sure if we’ll continue the series, but if you think we should and/or have suggestions for bracket themes feel free to share below. I hope everyone enjoyed this. Thanks for voting.

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