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O-Deck May Madness: Cartoon Theme Songs Elite 8

[Update] Polls are working again] It’s time for the Elite 8 in our May Madness adventure. Only 8 cartoons remain to fight it out. Which ones will survive to the Final Four? Will it be the ones you want? Let’s find out.

A lot of tears in that last round. The Transformers vs Gummi Bears fight was especially close, with only a 3 vote difference between them. But Transformers prevailed, and as a result, all of the top seeds have survived to continue to the next round.


There were a couple upsets though. Pinky and the Brain triumphed over Darkwing Duck, and Inspector Gadget overcame the Muppet Babies.

This round is truly a tough one. Duck Tales against Inspector Gadget. Transformers against the Ninja Turtles. Batman up against Talespin. The Animaniacs versus their own spin-off series, Pinky and the Brain?! I don’t know which is going to come out on top. Vote below, and we’ll find out.

[Polls are working again]

Region 1

Duck Tales vs Inspector Gadget


Region 2

Transformers vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Region 3

Animaniacs vs Pinky and the Brain


Region 4

Batman the Animated Series vs Talespin



  • Elite 8: Today
  • Final Four: Wed, May 25
  • Championship: Fri, May 27

Nearing the end. Hope no one suffered unduly this round. And as always, hope you’re enjoying yourselves.

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