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O-Deck May Madness: Cartoon Theme Songs Final Four

We’ve now reached the penultimate round of our May Madness. Only four cartoon theme songs remain to fight it out to see who moves on to the Championship round. But which ones will they be? It’s time to find out.

That last round turned out to be a bit of a surprise. We finally had our first top seed get knocked off with the Ninja Turtles triumphing over the Transformers. Cowabunga dude, indeed. It was an easy victory for the Animaniacs. While Pinky and the Brain had it easy up till now, they just couldn’t overcome their originator. And personal favorite, Talespin, got handily defeated by Batman. An outrage, but what can you do. Democracy.


But the big surprise for the round was that bracket favorite, Duck Tales, barely managed to hold on to its spot, winning the day with only a 5 vote margin over Inspector Gadget.

Only two votes this round. Duck Tales vs the Ninja Turtles on the 80's side, and Animaniacs vs Batman on the 90's. Which two will make it to the next round? Time to vote and decide.

The 1980's


The 1990's



  • Final Four: Today
  • Championship: Fri, May 27

Final round is Friday. Don’t shed too many tears. And happy voting.

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