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O-Deck May Madness: Cartoon Theme Songs Sweet 16

We’re now at the Sweet 16 stage of our O-Deck May Madness. Only 16 cartoons remain out of the original 64. Which cartoon theme song will continue on the Elite 8? Let’s find out.

Man, how tough was that last round? Mighty Heathcliff fell to Inspector Gadget. That’s both orange cats out of the running now. And personal favorite, JEM, lost to the Muppet Babies. Clearly, glamour and glitter, fashion and fame are no match for animated Muppets in diapers.


Elsewhere there were super close fights with The Masked Mallard squeezing past the youngsters of Acme University, and the Powerpuff Girls defeating Freakazoid! by the narrowest of margins.

Click to embiggen. It’s lovely and you know you want to.

Of course, if you thought the last round was tough, this round may break you. Thankfully you only have to make 8 difficult decisions this time. And make them you will because it’s time to vote. Vote well.

Regions 1


Region 2


Region 3


Region 4



  • Sweet 16: Today
  • Elite 8: Mon, May 23
  • Final Four: Wed, May 25
  • Championship: Fri, May 27

Just four rounds remain. Hopefully you’re all still enjoying the bracket. Happy voting.

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