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O-Deck Rewatches for May

Good morning O-Deck. It’s the first Monday of May which means we are kicking off the O-Deck Rewatches today!

My idea was that near the beginning of the month I would do a quick post to preview the upcoming rewatches for that month and check in on ones in progress. Since this is still a developing idea that may change. But for now, here is what we have coming up for May.

Uualternate - Star Trek DS9 Season 1

DrSensible3- Star Trek TNG: Season 1


Ghost in the Machine - Brisco County Jr.

Mortal_Dictica- StarGate SG1 Full - Four episodes/ week, 2 X Wed and 2 x Sat.


It looks like we got a good start to this project. On top of the May threads we got a few set up for June as well as whatever I end up contributing. I will be doing a rewatch but I don’t know what show yet. I don’t want to start this week since I have A+ training all week so I may not be able to get to the blog as much as I normally might. In the meantime, If you are curious about the rewatch project and what we are doing check out the thread below.


If you want to see what shows have been claimed or sign up to run one, then this Google Sheets document is where you need to go.


I hope everyone has fun with these and I can’t wait to see what kind of discussions get started.

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