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Imagine a network composed of on call experts on all topics across the world. Warren Ellis did, and it was called The Global Frequency. The comic was made into a pilot which sadly did not get aired, but I recommend you go out and find it however, whether it's download or online watching.


In a fit of "No, universe, no!" John Rogers, exec producer, released the unaired pilot online as soon as he was sure it wasn't going to get picked up. It didn't do wonders for making his reputation seem by the book and reliable, but that's never been one of his worries, as you can tell if you read his blog (which you should—he's outspoken and incisive and apologises for Catwoman and The Core). It's on hiatus now, but there's plenty to occupy yourself—he did a breakdown for every episode of Leverage, for instance, answering questions, and explaining the truths behind the fictions (or the fictions behind the fictions (hence their black box/ledger joke—viewers didn't believe black boxes weren't black (they're orange) but they did believe that there were bank ledger deposit slots big enough to fit a thief through).

So go on, do some weekend reading/viewing, and welcome to the world of Miranda Zero and dum dum dum...The Global Frequency.

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