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O-Deck's December Madness: Sweet 16

The O-Deck’s December Madness has now reached the Sweet 16 stage. Will #TeamScissors continue to unseat its betters? Will the #1 seeds continue to dominate? Only one way to find out.

In the last round we nearly saw the number 1 seed South Park get knocked off by Psych. It literally came down to a single vote. As mentioned above, Edward Scissorhands continues its unlikely run towards the championship. But otherwise, no real surprises in the last round.


This round is likely to be different. We’re down to just 16 classics to choose from, and if you thought some of the choices last time were tough... Let the bloodletting commence.

Traditional Christmas Theatrical Releases


Holiday Specials


Non-Traditional Classics


Christmas TV Episodes



Elite 8 - Fri. Dec. 11

Final Four - Mon. Dec 15

Championship - Wed. Dec. 17

As we saw in the last round, every last vote matters. So make sure you get your votes in before noon tomorrow, and make sure you get others to do the same.

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