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We started out with 64 Christmas classics, and it’s been a contentious series. But we’re finally to the Final Four. Which classic will survive to reach the championship round? Time to vote to find out.

The last round was excruciating wasn’t it? The battle between Muppet Christmas Carol and Nightmare Before Christmas was the most heated yet. 30 minutes before polls closing they were tied up, but a vote literally at the last minute decided it.


Charlie Brown vs Grinch was also an extremely close battle but, everyone’s hearts clearly grew large enough to give the Grinch the win. In the other two brackets both Die Hard and Futurama won with relative ease.

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Two battles remain before the championship. On one side we have the Muppets facing off against the Grinch, and on the other it’s McClane squaring off against Fry, Leela, and the gang. I expect one of these fights will be closer than the other, but I’ve been surprised before.

Traditional Movies vs Holiday Specials


Non-Traditional vs Christmas Episodes



Championship Round: Wed. Dec. 16

Hope everyone continues to enjoy the December Madness. Make sure you vote!

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