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Oblivion: Gets a thumbs up from me.

So i've overloaded on sugar emptied my wallet and played hooky from work to go watch Oblivion this afternoon and, with NO spoilers I can say its a great watch and I enjoyed the heck out of it.

I can see why critics have gone with the 'derivative' angle but I can say, with hand on heart, I don't think I once compared it to another movie whilst I was watching it. Its easy as hell to make comparisons, shooting the shit around a pint with all due consideration later on but watching it earlier? It felt pretty fresh and kept me engaged all the way through.


I thought I had the movie figured out even before the Man of Steel trailer had finished playing but it still managed to surprise me.

And Holy Hanna was it great looking...

Frankly, if Hollywood wants to keep making sci-fi like this, I wont complain.

A great movie that had me watching from start to finish.

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