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I recently saw Oblivion. It was beautiful, sprawling and fascinating. At least to me. You see, and I think, most critics will try to drop a 4megaton bomb on my doorstep for saying this, the story is something about my own fantasies and imaginings, borne from solitude and being an outsider. Alone in a crowded room, that sort of thing. I love the technology. Specially the foldable two wheel awesomeness that fit into the bubble craft. A-ha sang the story for me years ago with " Living a Boys Adventure Tale" and it's something that I really take into like a baby to momma's breasts. besides, when I go into my fantasy world, logic and rational get locked outside, and I bask in it's infinite starngeness.

Oh, don't worry, my views are not contagious. You can bash me all you want. I learned mind castles from Lecter.

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