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Obokata, stem cell "scientist", found guilty of misconduct

Haruko Obokata, the lead author behind creating stem cells through stress, has been found guilty of misconduct by the RIKEN institute.

RIKEN set up a panel to investigate six discrepancies in her work. While the interim report found two items to be unintentional mistakes, the remaining items were more serious. In the end, data manipulation of two of the figures was found to be intentional falsification. I believe it's these two, but need to confirm with the full report, which is unfortunately in Japanese.

Paper 1:"In Figure 1i, lane 3 appears to have been inserted later"

Paper 1:"The image of differentiated cells for Figures 2d and 2e and the image of chimera mouse immunostaining data are incorrect, and in the process of the investigation, it was found that these images closely resemble images used by Dr. Obokata in her doctoral dissertation"


I was very excited when the initial papers came out, and I must say I am very disappointed. Data falsification led to a huge waste of investigators time and resources, as well as tarnishes the public perception of research. In the end, the method described was just too simple and easy to be true.

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