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So I was reading the open forum on TAY and wondered why isn't there anything like that here? (at least, I don't think there is). So here comes the open forum.

First I'll explain how this works, not all of us here have posting privileges, some want to say something but don't want to make a post of it, others just want to talk about stuff. For all of you, there's the Open Forum. Every day (at a certain time I don't know yet, let me know what you guys would prefer) I make a post with Open Forum in it. In that post I suggest a topic and say something, then you all can reply to it and say anything you want (almost everything, this isn't reddit). Of course you can stick to the topic I suggest, but you don't have to. Also, you can always make suggestions for topics.


So, for todays topic: Work.

(found this when searching google images for work, this was the best I could find)

I recently got a job working at a florist, it's hard work but it's fun. The hardest part is standing up all day, your feet really start to hurt after 9 hours. I'm currently working four days a week until school starts again (sigh), luckily though I'm nearly finished. The other people that work there are cool as well, though one of them is a massive hipster (ok just a bit, but he's still quite nice).


So, that's my work. Where do you guys work, do you enjoy it and what keeps you getting up in the morning? (other than coffee, though without it I'd still be asleep)

Also any feedback or suggestions are always welcome.

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